Monday, September 28, 2009

My Document is not showing in the Search Results

If the document is not showing in the search results there are some things to be considered.

1) If the document is just uploaded. If the document is just uploaded it will not be available immediately in the search results. It will be available after the followed incremental crawl. By default the incremental crawl occurs once in 20 minutes.

2) Concerned person has permissions for the document: He/she searching for the doucment must have minimum read permissions for that document in order to see in the search results.

3) Draft Version of the document: If the document is checked out to a user or if the document is in "Draft version" (Waiting for an approval) the document won't be shown up in the search results.

4) Make sure the file type is indexed by the search server. For example if the file type is pdf by default this type is not indexed by the search server. For that the PDF component called IFileter needs to be installed in order to query and index the PDF content.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Document Locked

Whenever a document is opened from the SharePoint Document library it must be closed. When the document is opened with the Microsoft word in SharePoint document library for editing, SharePoint keeps a temporary lock on that document. Once for every 10 minutes the office product checks with the SharePoint and let it know that the document is edited by the user. Whenever the document is saved and closed then the lock is released and now the document is available for other users. When the system freezes or connection to the SharePoint environment is lost while editing the document, the lock still exists on the document. The follwoing article clearly explains this scenario in detail and the workarounds available for this issue.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Test Blog:

I am learning SharePoint. be glad to know the OOTB features in SharePoint.