Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Your changes were saved but could not be uploaded because of an error

This is the issue with the SharePoint 2010 office file not uploaded to SharePoint. What happens is when the user trying to download a copy from the SharePoint site and makes changes to it and uploads it back. Office 2010 suite and SharePoint, there is a medium called 'Microsoft Document upload Center' acts as medium between office files and SharePoint site.

When opening the document from the server, the Microsoft Upload Center stores a local copy in its cache, and when the user makes the changes, the changes are first updated and local copy when saved, the changes from "Document Cache" which is in Microsoft Upload center gets updated back to the SharePoint site.

Sometimes due to network connectivity issues, the file may file to upload to SharePoint after user finished with changes. When we open the same file from the SharePoint you would get the following error

'Your Changes were save but could not be uploaded because of an error. You may be able to upload the file using the server Web page'

Most probable reason could be sitting in Microsoft Document Upload Center. To resolve this issue follow these steps

Step1: Access the Microsoft Document Upload Center from the 'Task Manager'

Step2: Look for any Cache errors.

Step3: Save the local copy if required.
Step4: Clear the Cache, this will remove the entire cache. or Discard the changes to file only that should remove the cache.

Step5: Try opening the file from SharePoint and save it back. That error pop up in the Document should go away.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

An error occurred while trying to load some required components

An error occurred while trying to load required components in Visual Studio 2012

This could be the case happening while installing Office Developer Tools in offline mode and then started creating SharePoint projects using Visual Studio 2012

An error occurred whilst trying to load some required components, Please ensure the following prerequisite components are installed.

Microsoft Web Developer Tools

Microsoft Exchange Web Services

The possible reason could be while installing the Office Developer tools and prerequisites, the office web installer sets some parameters mapped to GAC, which is not done while installed in offline mode according to following link

The fix this try the following steps:
- To un-install Microsoft Exchange Web Services from Control Panel
- Open the 'Command Prompt' with Administrator Previliges
- Navigate to location of file EWSManagedApi32.msi from the Command Prompts
- Run the following command. Make sure to be in single line. There is 'space' between .msi  and addlocal

  EwsManagedApi32.msi addlocal="ExchangeWebServicesApi_Feature,ExchangeWebServicesApi_Gac"

- The installation of the Exchange Web Services Api finishes. This commands does the installation and as well as maps the required dll files in GAC.
- Try closing any open instances of Visual Studio. Restart the Visual Studio
- Enjoy creating SharePoint Projects.

Hope this helps!



Saturday, October 25, 2014

SharePoint Connection Error

SharePoint Connection Error While Adding Visual Web Part: 

While creating the web part in SharePoint 2013, in the SharePoint customization wizard, i got the following error

While developing web part, Visual Studio creates file structure to debug and deploy the solution. After some searching in google i came to know that, the following are the causes for failure in my case:

- The service account (used for development) did not have login priviliges for SQL Server
- The service account (used for development) did not have dbOwner permissions for specified content DB
- The service account (used for development) did not have read and write access to Config DB.

Once all these conditions are satisfied i can finally connect to SharePoint site via Visual Studio


Installing Microsoft Office Developer Tools for Visual Studio 2012

While trying to set up My Development machine, i have finished installing Visual Studio 2012. For development in SharePoint 2013 we need to have Microsoft Office Developer Tools installed. Microsoft has web installer version for this which can be downloaded from

The download file name is OfficeToolsForVS2012RTW

Unfortunately, due to closed environments, Firewall rules, this installer cannot run. It might give the following error

'Unable to Download the product list from, check your network connection and try again. If the problem persists, report the issue on the Web Platform Installer 5.0 forum at:

At this time while doing some searching in google, i came to know that we can download the following tools one by one and install it offline. Even Web Installer does the same steps but due to connectivity settings it could fail sometimes.

Microsoft Identity Extensions

Workflow Manager Client 1.0

Microsoft Exchange Web Services 2.0

Microsoft Windows Identity Foundation SDK 4.0

Microsoft SharePoint Client Components

Microsoft Workflow Manager Tools

Cumulative Update 1.0 for Microsoft Workflow Manager Tools

Open XML SDK 2.5

Microsfot Visual Studio Tools for Office Runtime

Microsoft Office Developer Tools for Visual Studio 2012 - RTM

Once all these tools are downloaded and installed you can see the office extensions for SharePoint 2013 in Visual Studio 2012 Environment.

The following link helped me:

Thank you so much Tim!!!

Happy SharePointing !