Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Your changes were saved but could not be uploaded because of an error

This is the issue with the SharePoint 2010 office file not uploaded to SharePoint. What happens is when the user trying to download a copy from the SharePoint site and makes changes to it and uploads it back. Office 2010 suite and SharePoint, there is a medium called 'Microsoft Document upload Center' acts as medium between office files and SharePoint site.

When opening the document from the server, the Microsoft Upload Center stores a local copy in its cache, and when the user makes the changes, the changes are first updated and local copy when saved, the changes from "Document Cache" which is in Microsoft Upload center gets updated back to the SharePoint site.

Sometimes due to network connectivity issues, the file may file to upload to SharePoint after user finished with changes. When we open the same file from the SharePoint you would get the following error

'Your Changes were save but could not be uploaded because of an error. You may be able to upload the file using the server Web page'

Most probable reason could be sitting in Microsoft Document Upload Center. To resolve this issue follow these steps

Step1: Access the Microsoft Document Upload Center from the 'Task Manager'

Step2: Look for any Cache errors.

Step3: Save the local copy if required.
Step4: Clear the Cache, this will remove the entire cache. or Discard the changes to file only that should remove the cache.

Step5: Try opening the file from SharePoint and save it back. That error pop up in the Document should go away.